Prompt for creating a digital assignment or hybrid class

Questions to ask when creating a digital assignment or course activity:

1) What is my primary goal for my students with this course / assignment?

2) What is my digital pedagogy? How does my goal for this assignment intersect with with my broader teaching philosophy?

3) What tools that I already use (analog or digital) could help me achieve these goals?

4) In order for this activity / class to work, what gaps do I need to fill with other tools / strategies?

5) Is my idea simple enough? What can I do to streamline the activity?

6) What is my goal beyond this assignment / course? How will the activity (and my pedagogy) evolve? (In other words, don’t feel like you have to meet all your goals during the first attempt — think of the process, from the start, as iterative). Think also about how you can bring students (their feedback and the fruits of their work during the first iteration) into the continuing evolution of the activity.

7) Go back to step 1 and work through these steps (and likely several times).

These steps are pointedly “below the fold” and outside the recursive loop, because assessment (in my view) should never drive our pedagogies. Rather, good assessment arises from good pedagogy. 

8) Does this activity need to be assessed? Or does the activity have intrinsic value?

9) Is there a way to build the assessment into the activity itself? For example, is there a way to have students reflecting on their process from within the activity itself?

10) What additional assessment strategies should I use? (peer-assessment, self-assessment, narrative feedback, peer review, points, a rubric, letter grade, some combination)

11) What is my goal in assessing student work?

12) Go back to step 8.


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